Colorado home inspector

House and Property Inspection in Colorado

A typical home inspection will take 2 to 3 hrs. avg. and the home inspection cost will be as stated on the authorization as approved by you. Other contributing factors would be square footage, any outbuildings and if the property is occupied.

From the retaining wall to the roof and anything we can see or find in-between, as long as we can get in we’ll inspect it.

We prefer the client attend and ask questions although not required, it’s your choice.

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We inspect the major systems of the home, this would include

roofing Inspection
exterior Inspection
structure Inspection
electrical Inspection
heating Inspection
cooling/heat pump Inspection
insulation/ventilation Inspection
plumbing and interior Inspection


Our goal is to identify any major problems and safety issues that would effect your buying decision.

We will add significantly to your knowledge of the home you can add to your home buying checklist, but still cannot tell you everything about the house.

All home inspections are entirely visual in which no destructive testing is performed.


Chuck Bralish